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We want to offer you a fair price for your house, and close with cash, FAST! 


We buy houses fast in Denver and surrounding areas fast and in any condition.

Hi, my name is Dan and I’m a husband, father, and Denver metro home buyer who works hard to make selling your house a fast, simple and easy process. 

I can have cash in your wallet in as little as one week. So please contact me today if you would like to sell your house fast in Colorado.

You’ve seen the “We Buy Houses” signs all over town.  They call those bandit signs, because for the most part those signs are illegal to hang.  I operate my house buying business legally, with integrity, honesty, and responsiveness.  I take the time to assess your unique situation, and provide solutions that enable you to sell your house ‘As-Is’ with no repairs needed.  Your situation is unique and with the appropriate information from you, I will be able to make a fair and honest offer and buy your house fast.  Please fill out the form on the right, and I will contact you within 24 hours to assess your unique situation.   Again, I take great pride in operating my business professionally, and ethically.  Please do not ask me to do something that will jeopardize my business.

I love this great city of Denver and everything it has to offer.  I take great pride in knowing that through these house buying relationships that develop, people like you and I are helping to grow this amazing city that we live in. Please contact me and maybe we can buy your house too?

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No matter what the situation, we're here to help

Sell my house fast

I pay cash fast for houses and can give you a fair price for yours. Call me today and I will look at your house, go over the details with you and make sure you understand exactly how we arrived at the offered price before you sign anything, because you shouldn’t settle for anything less.

Divorced and Need to Sell

Sometimes things don't work out. So what is there to do? A lot of people panic, but they don’t have to. Divorce is one of the leading reasons houses get sold in a hurry. People need cash for houses when they get divorced, sometimes to cover the high expenses and usually because the sale is a condition of the settlement.  No matter what the situation, we will help you.

tired Landlord

Being a landlord is a tough job. You have all the issues with tenants living in houses you own and you still have all the issues as a homeowner. So it’s quite easy for a landlord to become a tired landlord in Denver. We buy houses from tired landlords!


We are able to help people stop foreclosure no matter what the reason they got into a jam. 

Here are some helpful resources you can use to get informed right now.

Sell my Inherited Property

My inheritance includes a house I can’t possibly keep…what do I do?

One of the most common ways people acquire houses is through inheritance. The simple answer is to sell it, but the process of selling isn’t always simple.


“My house is ugly! Real estate agents tell me I have to make changes first!”

We know. Our clients tell us this all the time. Then they sell their houses fast with us without spending a penny.



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